What makes you Eligible for Super Visa Insurance? 



Do you have children and grandchildren settled abroad? Do you wish to visit them seldom? It would not be wrong to suggest that numerous amounts of documentation and approvals would force you to restrict it to a single or a maximum of two visits. 

However, with the introduction of the latest insurance scheme by the Canadian Government known as super visa insurance, you could cover unexpected medical expenses while residing in Canada. The insurance would also cover the expenses in the event o you fall sick on a side trip while you have spent a major time in Canada. The validity of super visa insurance is ten years. Therefore, you could plan a trip to Canada with fewer hassles. You could visit the country for up to two years per visit without the need to renew your status during the ten years. Rest assured that you can make multiple visits to Canada. It also covers you for a minimum amount of 100,000 USD. The other insurance benefits would be inclusive of repatriation, health care, and hospitalization. This visa application is independent and does not include your dependents. 

Terms and conditions 

It would be worth mentioning here that every visa plan has its terms and conditions. Therefore, if you require applying for it, consider looking forward to the eligibility criteria and procedures. 

What makes you eligible? 

The initial criterion for the Super visa insurance would be that you should be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. 

Secondly, you require insurance. Consider having private medical insurance from a Canadian company for at least a year. You be required to submit proof to seek approval for the application. 

You would also be required to provide a copy of the letter of invitation from a relative inviting you to Canada. The letter would specify the number of persons in the household along with the details for the plan of care while you stay there. 

Moreover, the applicant would be required to provide documents stating that their children or grandchildren meet the minimum income threshold. They would provide all financial support during your stay in Canada. 

How to get the best super visa insurance 

You could compare super visa insurance quotes from various sites available online. These sites would enable you to get a suitable quote to meet your specific requirements. They would ensure that you do not compromise on the best insurance for a cheap price. 

You could also seek some assistance applying for super visa insurance online. Numerous websites have been made available online to assist you in applying for super visa insurance in the best possible way. It could assist you in processing the application quickly. 


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